Top Time

The New Breitling Top Time Deus Limited Edition in Sky-Blue

Breitling and the Australian lifestyle brand Deus Ex Machina are launching a second limited edition of its Top Time Deus Chronograph. The 2021 Top Time Deus Limited Edition sold out incredibly quickly. With Breitling Top Time chronographs first making an…

Café Racer Culture in Ice Blue: Breitling Top Time Triumph

Breitling has announced a collaboration with the motorbike manufacturer Triumph and is presenting the Top Time Triumph. The watch has an ice blue dial, which harks back to a historic model. A limited edition motorbike, the Triumph Speed Twin Breitling,…

Breitling celebrates three legendary sports cars with the Top Time Classic Cars Capsule Collection

Breitling celebrates American automotive culture with the Top Time Classic Cars Capsule collection. For this purpose, the Swiss company is presenting three chronographs, each inspired by a classic racing car from the 1960s. They appear with eye-catching dials that are…