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Patek Philippe Run-Out List 2022: These 22 Models Will Be Discontinued

Patek Philippe Run-Out List 2022: These 22 Models Will Be Discontinued

Year after year, the so-called Patek Philippe Run-Out List causes a stir in January. Jewelers and authorized dealers receive this list, which names the models that will soon no longer be available. Last year, news made the rounds that the sought-after Nautilus with a blue dial would be discontinued. This year it hits not only the “last” Nautilus with a green dial, but also other popular models from the Calatrava, Complications and Grand Complications collections. We present all discontinued models below.

Patek Philippe Run-Out-List 2022: Nautilus

With the run-out list of 2021, the legendary 5711/1A with a blue dial has bid farewell to the catalog. However, the 5711/1A-014 in olive green, which was introduced in April 2021, was a mood-booster. Less than a year later, it looks like the watch will be discontinued. This also affects the 5711/1300A-001 model with the same dial but a bezel with baguette diamonds.

However, these two models are not the only ones from the Nautilus collection to depart. The 5711/1R-001 with a rose gold case and brown dial is also being discontinued. In addition, the Travel Time Chronograph 5990/1A-001, a variant with a steel case and black dial, will also be discontinued.


There are also losses in the Calatrava collection. The Dresswatch range, with its timeless style, is actually considered to be very consistent. Nevertheless, Patek discontinues five models of this line. First of all, the 5196J, 5196R and 5916G. These time-honored timepieces are made of, respectively, yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold. All three will be discontinued effective immediately.

The Calatrava 5196P, a special model with a platinum case and Breguet numerals, is also discontinued. Finally, the 5297G has to go too. This model has a bezel set with diamonds and combines this with a black dial with diamond indices. Thus, one of the rare variants with date function leaves the Calatrava collection.


The Complications collection has been hit particularly hard. Seven models are leaving the catalog. First, the reference 5905P-001, a flyback chronograph with annual calendar. Patek launched this model back in 2015, so this has now been built for more than six years. The watch has a case made of platinum, which is combined with a blue dial. Now the house stops the production of this chronograph. However, there is hope for a successor with a design update.

In addition, the Patek Philippe Run-Out List 2022 also includes the two annual calendars 5205R-001 and 5205R-010, each with the same 40mm rose gold case, but differing in their dials. Moreover, with the annual calendar here also comes a moon phase display, which is integrated at 6 o’clock.


The manufacture also decides to suspend four pieces with a world time complication. Among them are both the 5230R-012, and the 5230G-014, two classic representatives of Patek Philippe world time watches. The two variants have a 38.5mm case and the calibre 240 HU inside. They stand out especially for their dial with the guilloched center.

The Patek Philippe run-out list 2022 also features the one-of-a-kind 5231J-001 with its cloisonné enamel dial center. Here you can see Europe, Africa and America on the handmade world map. However, the photogenic model is now no longer manufactured.

The same applies to the reference 5930G-010, a world time watch that also integrates a chronograph. For this purpose, there is a 30-minute counter at 6 o’clock. Here, too, the center bears a guilloché pattern. This model was introduced in 2016 and has now been discontinued.

Grand Complications

Patek Philippe is also cleaning up when it comes to the grand complications. First up is the perpetual calendar 5320G-001, a timepiece from 2017 that puts the high complication front and center and features a vintage design. The 5270P-001 is also being discontinued. It combines a perpetual calendar with a chronograph. Especially the salmon-colored dial with the embedded moon phase attracted attention here.

Moreover, the house decides to discontinue the references 5204/1R and 5204R-001. These classic timepieces offer a perpetual calendar, which is further combined here with a split-seconds chronograph. The two stopwatches feature a classic design with pump-style pushers. The reference 5204/1R bears a black dial, while that of the 5204R-001 is kept white.

Last but not least, the 5372P-001 and 5372P-010. These two grand complications also offer a perpetual calendar with a split-seconds chronograph. However, the latter is implemented here as a monopusher. Both variants have the same platinum case with a diameter of 38.3 millimetres. Yet they differ in the dial, which is blue on the 5372P-001 and salmon on the 5372P-010.

Patek Philippe Run-Out List 2022: Again a lot of loss

This year, Patek Philippe is once again discontinuing popular models. Now, with the 5711/1A-014, the last series production of the Nautilus goes into retirement, consequently the end of the most sought-after of all sports watches is imminent, at least as a three-handed variant. Of course, the house is thus following the strategy of maintaining the brand’s standing in the long run. It remains exciting to see which models Patek Philippe will ultimately discontinue, and which will be honored with a new iteration. The complete list of the “discountinued” models of 2022 can be found here at a glance.

The Patek Philippe Run-Out List 2022

Nautilus5711/1A-014 (olive green),
5711/1300A-001 (olive green with baguette diamonds),
5711/1R-001 (rose gold),
5990/1A-001 (Travel Time Chronograph)
Calatrava5196J-001 (yellow gold),
5196R-001 (rose gold),
5916G-001 (white gold),
5196P-001 (platinum),
5297G-001 (diamond set)
Gondolo7099R-001 and 7099G-001
Twenty~47300/1201R-001 and 7300/1201R-010
Complications4968R-001 and 4968G-010,
5905P-001 (flyback chronograph, platinum),
5205R-001 and 5205R-010 (annual calendar),
5230R-012 and 5230G-014 (world time, guilloche),
5231J-001 (world time, cloisonné enamel),
5930G-010 (world time, chronograph)
Grand Complications5320G-001 (perpetual calendar)
5270P-001 (perpetual calendar, chronograph),
5204/1R and 5204R-001 (split-seconds, perpetual calendar, chronograph),
5372P-001 and 5372P-010 (split-seconds, perpetual calendar, monopusher chronograph)