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Carl F. Bucherer – the Manero Peripheral Line grows

Carl F. Bucherer – the Manero Peripheral Line grows

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The peripheral winding rotor is en vogue – and therefore used more and more in the watch industry. The peripheral alignment and space saving rotor enables the movement and hence the case to be slimmer and at the same time offers an unhindered view onto the movement, which so far has been partly covered by the rotor. A nicely decorated rotor remains without doubt attractive, therefore we should not judge both versions against each other but regard its functionality and aesthetic separately.

Space-saving – the peripheral winding rotor

The peripheral automatic movement was first patented in the 1950s and later produced in limited numbers. However they proofed to be problematic and the series was retired by 1985. Carl F. Bucherer put a lot of time and effort into the development of an improved peripheral technology and in 2008 was the first brand to really start large-scale production with their caliber CFB A1000. Since 2016 the Manero Peripheral collection is indispensable without it. At the beginning of 2018 the brand even introduced the Manero Tourbillon Double Peripheral (CFB T3000 inhouse calibre) equipped with the first peripheral tourbillon, additional to the peripheral rotor. Now, the 2016 introduced Manero Peripheral 3-hands line is – literally – growing, because the new models named Manero Peripheral 43mm are grown in size from 41,6 to 43,1 millimetres.

The new watches of the Manero Peripheral collection with 43 millimeter case

The classical round case form with its sharp edges and soft curves has remained identically. Also from the inside it is still equipped with the fully inhouse developed and produced automatic calibre CFB A2050 with a peripheral winding rotor. It is based on the movement CFB A2000 from 2016, chronometer certified and equipped with a central hour- and minute-hands, a small second at 6 o’clock as well as a date indication at 3 o’clock.

Carl F. Bucherer Manero Peripheral

What’s new besides the larger case design is the Louisiana alligator-leatherstrap in bright brown. It harmonizes best with the rose gold model. The second rose gold model comes optional with a black leatherstrap and the two stainless steel models with a brown or an interesting alligator-leatherstrap in grey-blue. They have either a white or black dial.

This Manero Peripheral is equipped with a new Louisiana alligator-leatherstrap in bright brown

The new collection also includes two watches with stainless steel strap. However we think that they do not fulfil the pure elegance of this watch. Leather gives this subtle collection the deserved restraint – stainless steel is just too dominant.