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Hublot MP-10 Tourbillon Weight Energy System Titanium

Hublot MP-10 Tourbillon Weight Energy System Titanium


Hublot has just released a new piece as part of its MP (manufacture piece) collection. This time, the new MP-10 Tourbillon Weight System is not only limited in its production numbers, but also in its presence of traditional timekeeping elements. Conspicuous by their absence are the hands, oscillating weight or even a dial.

Case of the new MP-10 Tourbillon

The two-part case of this masterpiece is constructed from what Hublot refers to as a shiny micro-blasted titanium, and atop it sits a new and improved form of sapphire crystal which combines incline planes on three axes. Rather than the traditional flat circular plane, it instead wraps its way around the outside of the case for an uninterrupted view of what lies beneath.


The main central segment has a built in invisible magnifier for increased legibility of the constantly rotating hour and minute display rollers, which happen to be made from black aluminium with lacquered white text, providing a very quick and easy way of reading the time. Another rotating disk sits coaxially below the hours and minutes, this time indicating what remains of the 48-hour power reserve via a thick green band that reduces to a narrow red when the mainspring is unwound. Lastly, at the bottom segment of the sapphire crystal where it begins to bend down, is the inclined tourbillon with above it the indicated running seconds on a black rotating disk. For this function, Hublot is awaiting a patent. Appropriate labels are used for all of the different functions along with red triangular markers as indicators.

Movement of the new MP-10 Tourbillon

A watch this bold and provocative in design undoubtedly deserves some technological reinventions in its mechanics and engineering in order to keep it balanced. Besides the obviously novel way of displaying the time, the 592 component HUB9013 movement executes this reinterpretation rather well. Due to the lack of a traditional planar dial and gear train, the oscillating weight is one of the components which has had to be reimagined.

Rather than a rotor-like device, the oscillating weights are two engine-like white gold blocks located on each flank of the curved sapphire crystal. The two weights are free to move on their own vertical axis in order to generate energy and drive it to the mainspring. Shock absorbers are located above and below the vertical axis in order to prevent the weights from colliding with the banking. These shock absorbers are capable of winding the movement bidirectionally, a feature which is exclusive to Hublot and also pending a patent. The movement can also be wound manually of course via a crown located at the top of the watch above the 12-o-clock position. This is exclusively for winding however, and in order to set the hour and minute display rollers there is another crown located on the case-back.

Price & Availability

This limited edition avant-garde piece of engineering from Hublot challenges the regular aesthetics and mechanics of watchmaking and is a product of five years of research and development from the brand. That does come at a price however, and at 275,000 EUR it may just dent the wallet. Available at Hublot boutiques from March.

BRAND Hublot
MODEL MP-10 Tourbillon Weight Energy System Titanium
CASE MATERIAL Micro-blasted titanium
DIMENSIONS Diameter: 54,1 mm x 41,4 mm
Height: 22,4 mm
DIAL Rotating display rollers
STRAP/BRACELET Black structured rubber
FREQUENCY 21,600 vph (3 Hz)
FUNCTIONS Hours, minutes, seconds, power reserve
PRICE 275,000 EUR – limited to 50 pieces