F.P. Journe


F.P.Journe’s lineSport Collection: When Ambition Meets Zeitgeist

Geneva is the city of watchmaking, and many of the largest and best-known watch manufactures in the region have long opted to confine their points of sale to the city centre. F.P. Journe, however, is different. Located in a historic…


An Introduction to Independent Watchmakers: Who to Watch Out For – Part 1

To those relatively new to watches, the term ‘independent’ can often appear to be thrown around like a cheap joke on Christmas Day, making them wonder what on earth the term actually means? Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet are privately…

François-Paul Journe and Dominique Gauthier at the restaurant

A Gastronomical and Horological Delight: F.P. Journe Le Restaurant

Geneva has a new culinary destination for watch enthusiasts and bon vivants alike. In cooperation with award-winning chef Dominique Gauthier, F.P. Journe has opened the fine dining brasserie ‘F.P. Journe Le Restaurant’. Since the beginning of November, refined dishes, exquisite…