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TUDOR’s new references for supplied movements

TUDOR’s new references for supplied movements


Swiss watch brand TUDOR is introducing a new system for referencing supplied movements. For historical reasons, the manufacturer until recently used four-digit references for third-party movements. The new designations are intended to avoid confusion between manufacture movements and supplied calibers.

The four-digit references that were previously used – such as 2671 – will be replaced by the new designations with a T in the first position. From now on, TUDOR will use the following references for supplied movements:

  • T20x for all supplied small calibers
  • T40x for all supplied calibers with additional modules
  • T60x for all delivered medium calibers
  • T90x for all supplied chronograph calibers (except caliber MT5813)

For the new TUDOR Royal collection, the change means that the movements are now designated as follows:

  • 2671 becomes T201 (ETA): TUDOR Royal with 28 mm diameter
  • 2824 becomes T601 (Sellita): TUDOR Royal with 34 or 38 mm diameter
  • 2834 becomes T603 (Sellita): TUDOR Royal with 41 mm diameter

Additionally, the descriptions of other models equipped with supplied movements (e.g. Black Bay 32 / 36 / 41) have already been updated.

TUDOR has emphasised that the new designations in no way affect the brand’s quality standards. TUDOR continues to guarantee Swiss-made and assembled components, chronometer performance, 10-year maintenance intervals and a five-year warranty for all supplied movements (with the exception of caliber MT5813, which has higher performance), regardless of the supplier.