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Audemars Piguet’s New AP House in Munich

Audemars Piguet’s New AP House in Munich

Audemars Piguet is celebrating the opening of its new AP House. Situated in the heart of Munich opposite the Bavarian State Opera, the new space is four times larger than the previous location, spanning over 400 square metres. Having an AP House in Munich is exciting in itself: there are only 13 AP Houses in the world. Other locations include Bangkok, Barcelona, Hong Kong, London, Madrid, Milan, New York, Shanghai, St. Barths, Tel Aviv, Tokyo and Zurich.

The bar at the AP House

Welcome to the AP House Munich

Upon entering the new AP House, guests encounter a modern bar that offers an array of beverages. These range from classics such as Hibiki whisky, to fresh coffee from an open-worked machine with the Audemars Piguet logo. A special self-playing Steinway piano is placed to the left of the bar. Using an iPad, musicians can perform from anywhere in the world and have their music played out by the Steinway at AP.

Clients can convene in the living room

The main space surrounding the bar is also home to a living room and dining area. Here, clients can sit and socialise or simply relax while enjoying a spectacular view of the bustling Max-Joseph Square and the historic Residenz palace.

Display cases sit beside the dining table

In an artistic and modernist twist, the AP House’s architect Rafael Martinez combines oak parquet flooring, concrete walls and plastered surfaces to create a unique atmosphere. Clients will discover several of the latest novelties and current collections in display cases, including a selection of the Royal Oak 50 Years Anniversary models. In addition, the art on the wall is part of a changing exhibition of contemporary artworks provided by local galleries. All of these galleries work alongside AP Contemporary, Audemars Piguet’s art program.

Lounge with a fireplace

For those after a little extra privacy, the AP House is also home to a lounge featuring plush sofas and a fireplace. In summer, steam rises from the fireplace and the space also benefits from air conditioning. This lounge is also home to a number of books for guests to peruse at leisure.

Private appointment room

For guests requesting a private meeting or consultation, the AP House offers a private consultation room. This room is also put to use by the resident watchmaker, who uses his knowledge to make small alterations or determine the whether a clients’ watch should be sent for full servicing. Sitting across the hall is a sleek modern kitchen, created in collaboration with kitchen designer next125. Like Audemars Piguet, the designer prioritises precision workmanship, thoughtful design and quality materials. The kitchen is also used for very exclusive client events held at the AP House.

Cigar Lounge

Last but not least, the space is home to a cigar lounge with a special ventilation system. Alongside leather sofas and oak-panelled walls, the cigar lounge offers some of the most coveted cigars in the world. The new AP House is located at Residenzstr. 18, Munich, Germany.