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Tenth of a Second
Swisswatches 24 Days of Christmas: Top Watches of 2022

It’s been another extraordinary year for us all, and the watch world is no exception. That is why the Swisswatches team sat down once more to comprise a list of our top watches of 2022. From anniversary models to world…

Louis Vuitton’s Ascension From High Fashion to Horological Heaven

In order to understand this article as a watch enthusiast or a collector: forget the Louis Vuitton stereotype. Forget the queues going round the corner and burly bouncers at the door. Forget the logo. We are here to understand the…

The Tambour Twenty: A pioneer celebrates its anniversary

To celebrate the Tambour, a watch that is considered a trailblazer, La Fabrique du Temps Louis Vuitton has created an exclusive anniversary model: the Tambour Twenty. A limited edition of 200 pieces, it pays homage to the original Tambour model.…