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A Fusion of Modernity and Mysticism: The Richard Mille RM S14 Talisman Origine

A Fusion of Modernity and Mysticism: The Richard Mille RM S14 Talisman Origine


The RM S14 Talisman Origine looks like something from a bygone era, with only the characteristic tonneau case hinting that this is indeed a Richard Mille timepiece. The piece is a tribute to the ‘Talisman Origine’; a talisman which, according to Richard Mille, was discovered in the heart of the Swiss Jura, and said to have been created by an ancient Swiss tribe thousands of years ago. It is said to have magical and lucky properties, with the talisman’s power purportedly transferred to the wearer. Richard Mille gives its own tonneau-shaped talisman a contemporary spin, while honouring a relic that combines ancient craftsmanship and spirituality.

The case

Watches from Richard Mille can always be counted on to integrate at least three characteristics: exceptional materials, horological finesse, and avant-garde design. However, the RM S14 Talisman Origine breaks with the latter to a certain extent. The characteristic tonneau case is transformed into a piece of jewellery, simultaneously adheres to the aesthetics of a contemporary Richard Mille timepiece as well as that of an antique relic. The hand-engraved symbols on the bezel and the rhodonite stones set into the sides of the case lend the three-part case the sentimental air of times long gone. And why is it that this timepiece does, in some ways, depart from the norms of the brand’s portfolio? The answer lies in the fact that this is not just any timepiece, but Richard Mille’s donation to the Only Watch charity auction, which has been postponed indefinitely due to criticism of governance and lack of transparency.

In the construction of this unique piece, Richard Mille opted for a bezel and caseback made of 18-carat 5N red gold, while the centre part of the case uses grade 5 titanium. The case dimensions are 46.77 x 77.25 x 13.10 mm. To attach the RM S14 Talisman Origine to the wearer’s neck, the case attaches to a necklace made of metal and rubber, onto which Swiss briar wood, gold, titanium and rhodonite beads are threaded.

The dial of the RM S14 Talisman Origine

Richard Mille used the RM 74-02 presented in 2021 as the basis for the RM S14 Talisman Origine. The Talisman features the same tourbillon, and the skeletonised bridges made of 18-carat 3N yellow gold are also modelled upon the RM 74-02. It is clear that the RM S14 Talisman Origine combines two main aesthetic concepts, with the unique combination of the RM 74-02’s open-worked dial and antique-style case giving it its extraordinary appearance.

The movement

Inside the RM S14 Talisman Origine is the in-house automatic movement CRMT5, which can also be found in the RM 74-02. This is surprising in that wristwatches naturally promise a better starting position for an automatic movement (due to the frequent changes of position) than a watch that is worn on the neck, therefore likely not moving enough to wind it sufficiently. To counteract this obstacle, the movement integrates a variable geometry rotor that adapts the efficiency of the automatic winding mechanism to the wearer’s movements in order to optimise winding. With this in mind, the power reserve of the movement amounts to 50 hours.

Availability of the RM S14 Talisman Origine

The RM S14 Talisman Origine is a unique piece that sees Richard Mille successfully countering the balancing act between modern design and ancient tribal symbols without losing any of the mysticism of the ancient talisman from which it takes its inspiration. The matter of whether the watch will be auctioned, as well as if it will be sold privately or even retained, remains to be seen.

BRAND Richard Mille
MODEL RM S14 Talisman Origine
CASE MATERIAL Bezel and caseback are made of 5N 18K red gold with a caseband in grade 5 titanium
DIMENSIONS Diameter: 46.77 mm
Height: 13.10 mm
WATER RESISTANCE 5 bar (~50 m)
DIAL The plate and bridges are made from 18-carat 5N red gold and 18-carat 3N yellow gold respectively
STRAP/BRACELET The case is attached to a metal and rubber necklace on which Swiss briar wood, gold, titanium and rhodonite are threaded
FREQUENCY 28,800 vph (4 Hz)
FUNCTIONS Hours and minutes