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The Velocity of Time – featuring Ferdi Porsche

The Velocity of Time – featuring Ferdi Porsche

27. July 2023

What drives Ferdi Porsche?
An exclusive portrait from Swisswatches Magazine about the dream of a young architect and entrepreneur.

Everyone is searching for a purpose in life. But what drives the grandson of the founder of the world’s most successful sports car brand? What role does he want to play in a line of famous ancestors? We embarked upon a special drive on the Großglockner with Ferdi Porsche. It was here that his grandfather put the first Porsche models through their paces, and here that his uncle F.A. Porsche settled down to found one of the world’s most famous design studios and make watch history with the world’s first black chronograph wristwatch.

This is where Ferdi Porsche now lives and works today. Not only as an architect, but also as an entrepreneur who understands the world holistically: a man in search of the balance between architecture and design, automotive culture and a world of permanent change. He drives the Porsche 911, the ancestor of which was designed by his uncle, while donning the watch he is now developing further together with Porsche Design Timepieces AG in Switzerland. Let’s ascend 2,000 metres, to where his biggest project to date is taking shape: the F.A.T. Mankei event location, which aims to attract car enthusiasts, mountain and design fans alike. What drives Ferdi Porsche? What keeps him tirelessly looking ahead, and what kind of world does he envision for the future?