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The Nautical Legend: Corum Admiral AC-ONE 45 & Legend 42​

The Nautical Legend: Corum Admiral AC-ONE 45 & Legend 42​

corum admiral ac one 45

At the time when the collection was first launched in the 1960th it was still called Admiral’s Cup, named after the legendary sailing regatta that took place from 1957 to 2003. The collection soon became famous as the ‘nautical-legend’ and was the first ever waterproof square wristwatch. In the 1980th the dial received its striking flags that are inspired from the international flag code taken from sailing sports. In 2006 the design was reworked and the Admiral’s Cup received its characteristic dodecagonal case shape. As the sailing regatta doesn’t exist any longer also the collection name has been changed to ‘Admiral’ – however, it hasn’t lost any of its sportive nature.

Corum Admiral – since 2006 equipped with a dodecagonal case design

Although you can find watches with tourbillon or perpetual calendar in the collection, the truly interesting watches are those that feature nautical elements. Whereas in 2008 the Haute Horlogerie played a more important role, todays focus is put on material – which we think does the collection very well. The Admiral AC-One 45 Bronze is the epitome of the almost 60 years old collection. It is as maritime as it can get. The watch looks like it was discovered in a sunk, antique shipwreck. And actually the bronze is artificially aged to a degree that it might well has undergone a few decades of deep sea diving.

Not made for weak wrists – Corum Admiral AC-One Bronze with 45mm case

It is a method that is exclusively used at CORUM. The artisan applies a specific product onto the case with a brush – the recipe is kept secret. This product intervenes directly on the material and modifies it by using heat. During the aging process each case develops its own patina. Hence the watches remain unique after treatment and appear in different brown shades from chestnut- to chocolate-brown. The treatment requires full attention, a lot of patience and plenty of knowledge. Finally the artisan covers the case with a protective wax.

Natural teak wood decorates the dial of the Admiral AC-One 45 Bronze

For everyone who prefers it less rustic can choose from a variety of other types. Either with titanium case (Admiral AC-One 45 Automatic), or with a stainless steel case and a rose gold bezel in a slightly smaller 42mm version (Admiral Legend 42).

Corum Admiral AC-One 45 Automatic with titanium case

Also the case design differs little between the Admiral AC-One and the Admiral Legend model types. The Admiral Legend design is generally a little bit more elegant, with its smoother roundings and open lugs. In terms of the Admiral AC-One models, case and bezel connect seamless onto the strap.

Elegant and maritime – the Corum Admiral Legend 42

A feature that all three types have in common is their teak wood dial. Hence 100% natural and inspired by ship-decks or from the famous Riva boats. Depending on case type, the colour of the wood appears to be brighter or darker. On the brighter dials the vertical grain comes to light more beautiful. Also every dial from the Admiral line is decorated with the traditional 12 nautical flags. The octagonal case and the flags are iconic, features that CORUM use very smart and which fans and clients appreciate a lot.